PianoBar binary for PPC Macintosh, iBook G3 (2001) or newer

Download PianoPPC 1.0.1 for MacOS 10.4 and 10.5


IMPORTANT: Copy PianoPPC into your /Applications folder. 
This step is *required* - PianoPPC will NOT run from an alternate location.

What is PianoPPC?

PianoPPC is a port of the Pandora console player PianoBar.
Due to functionality missing in MacOS 10.6 and older, it will not
cleanly compile from source and is marked as WONTFIX on the PianoBar
bug tracker.

I have worked around this by using the configuration parser from a
slightly older version of PianoBar.

Version 1.0.1 Updates:
- Patched configuration parser - now it's working.
- Should now run on G3 Macs  


Daniel Milisic
October 4, 2016